Saturday, March 27, 2010

Economic Essay Contest

There is an Economic Essay Contest at the Korea Times right now, the winner of which is "Korea's brand image." I consider myself reasonably well educated about economics despite my unrelated degree, and I can tell you Korea's main problem is definitely not their image. The logic behind awarding this essay, laden with entire paragraphs in bold and seemingly random interpretations of business maneuvers, the winner remains a mystery.
A 6 decade long "civil" war, an unjustifiable presence of a foreign army on the nation's soil, significant government involvement in the majority of major domestic businesses and industries, a deep seeded social distrust for FDI, a logically handicapped population, legal bias for domestic companies in an international and globalized world, all of these seem to pose much larger problems for korea's economic future than Korea's brand image.
The only thing more immediately confusing than the winning article of this competition is the movie "Aliens vs. Ninjas."