Sunday, November 23, 2008


You know what's way better than South Korea? Hanging out on the beach, or at an internet cafe overlooking the beach, but safely inside the air condition. I flew to Hong Kong to visit a few friends for a bit, and I arrived in the Philippines yesterday evening around 6pm, only to find that it's exceptionally dark at 6pm in the Philippines. I had no hotel reservations or any place to stay so I was forced to follow some random guy who wanted 100 pesos ($2) in exchange for showing me to a nice, cheap hotel. Well, the latter was certainly true, as the hotel charged 200 pesos a night, roughly $4 USD, but it also happened to be down a dark alley with almost no means for escape if I were to be attacked as was happening continuously in my head. I promise you, I have never feared for my general well being as much as I did following this guy to the place he promised was worth my effort. It turns out, that he was genuinely a kind person and not leading me to my death, so I ended up buying his "wife" and him a few beers and dinner after they showed me to a much nicer hotel.
It turns out that the national passtime of the Philippines is trying to get more money out of visitors, which isn't so bad I suppose, except for the fact that I didn't even know the exchange rate before I arrived meaning that for the few hours I had to creatively ask people to convert prices into dollars for me, a subtle way of figuring out if the first guy was lying or not.
In any case, i'm waiting to pick up my friend Eiko from the airport, but she doesn't arrive for another 5 hours or so, so i've been walking around this outrageously hot country for the last 3 hours just poking and prodding at anything of interest using my proverbial antennae.
In any case, more updates as events warrant but for the time being I just wanted to point out to the world that i'm not only alive, but fresh off a trip to Hong Kong and kicking it in Cebu. I tell you, travel is fun as hell.