Sunday, May 11, 2008

Feeding time

My brief sojourn in Korea has improved drastically after recently having an epiphany about my personal tastes: I don't like Korean culture. Don't misunderstand, I like traditional culture from almost any country based solely on its longevity and as one would expect I find the hanbok and Yut interesting in a pedestrian way but modern Korean culture generally just annoys me. My enthusiasm for Korea is a linear asymptote piqued at a low level and the food is the only thing keeping my flailing arms above water. People driving cars on the god damn sidewalk, being bumped constantly sans apology, incessant self photographing, yellow dust, positively kitsch design on building and person alike, these are all qualities of South Korea that have beaten me down and capped my morale at a point I thought reserved only for Grand Rapids Michigan.
My savior is food however. My school tricked me into thinking I had breaks, which I don't, and plenty of free time, which is also curiously absent so I spend most of my time whining and dining. Foreign restaurants are abundant and varying in quality, and I've been to several. I had compiled a list of restaurants I've visited and it topped 90 different establishments as of a week ago. My favorites being Vietnamese and well.. I'm not sure what that place is supposed to be, but the veal is amazing. I won't lie, I don't like kimchee on everything. Sometimes I just want a normal meal.
I can't say I dislike being in Korea however, I've had quite a good time and made some very good friends but I need a change of venue for work and meals. I need to figure out a way to land a university position so I can take advantage of the month and a half of vacation time they get every year. Yes, this is what I need to do.