Saturday, January 19, 2008


I've finally broken down and inquired about having my Playstation 2 sent from America to officially acquiesce to the dense mind-screw known as Daegu, South Korea. My job is horrible, I haven't learned any Korean, and every Korean friend i've made has either been interested solely in practicing their Japanese, or practicing their English which is insufferable on both accounts.
Two of my better friends have given up on Korea and are now moving back to Japan in March, which will leave me with a considerably boring existence here studying Korean and working. I've cut back on the drinking and going out mostly due to... well... I believe Matt said it best: "I don't go out anymore, it just makes me mad."
Koreans are dirty, I hate to say it but it's true. They spit, piss and otherwise cough freely in public (and sometimes on innocent bystanders) and they're a force to be reckoned with after a couple too many drinks. Every single one of my bosses has puked inside a building at some point during my 3 months here as a result of excessive drinking.
In any case, despite the soul drenching filth of Daegu, I still really enjoy being in Korea. I would rather be enjoying a Korean barbecue with a few friends in Korea than enjoying one, again, in Michigan. I must say however, the prospect of breaking my contract and moving to Japan is so tempting. I was very used to being fluent in the native language, and it's been a difficult adjustment moving to Korea.
I went out last night and my friend Cyndi walked out on a tab at another bar a Korean friend of ours had to pay the bill. This prompted him to call me instead of Cyndi, I haven't the faintest idea why, and ended with a verbal encounter in front of a club downtown. Somehow I was responsible for the fact that he had covered one of my friend's tabs even though I had never even set foot in the aforementioned establishment. I attribute this tussle to Korean men drinking too much soju and instantly becoming crazy. You would think I would be inured to it by now, after going to clubs or bars 3 or 4 nights a week, but I guess it's hard to get accustomed to sloppy drunks and this country appears to be sloppy drunk Mecca.