Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Internet

I've finally managed to get my hands on an internet connection which, by all normal standards, is quite quick. I can upload at a ridiculous 200k if I want, which means that I have a tor server running at all times (not an endpoint for http traffic of course, but I digress). It's taken my employer some four odd weeks to organize this deal, only (g)(G)od(s) knows why, but hopefully my updates will become slightly more frequent. In any case, i've opened an empty bank account, and i'm ready to settle in to my new life in Korea.
All I need now is a nice new keyboard with the Korean characters on the keys...

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've miraculously endured 3 weeks in South Korea. My job is painfully thorough, and surprisingly difficult. I've managed to some how slip into a routine and have eaten at the same restaurants several times. I have a bizarre fear of frequenting eateries where I can't order by thrusting a finger toward a picture on the menu, so it has limited my options quite a bit. In addition, I haven't gotten paid a cent since I arrived which means that i'm bleeding money and counting the days until I get a paycheck.
I had been hoping to go abroad somewhere for my christmas break, but my lack of funds is making planning quite difficult. In addition, my bosses are severely disorganized and can't even properly tell me when my breaks are. I think there is a good chance that I will end up in Japan over the new year, it's simply the easiest option. I suppose the 7th time through Japanese immigration should make it easier, but I've yet to get inured to the process.
The weather has gotten slightly colder. It became quite a factor earlier today walking around Daegu with Noah who had been visiting from Seoul. We went to a few clubs, saw a few touristy spots, but mostly just enjoyed the company of fellow English speakers.
We're currently in the process of planning a brief jaunt to Beijing this summer to go to the Olympics. It really has potential to be quite an experience.
All in all, my complete lack of free time has been a bit frustrating, but the trip is a success in many ways. My studies of Korean are certainly not one of those ways, but at the very least I have enough Japanese speaking friends to maintain a semblance of Japanese ability while i'm here. Hopefully within a few months i'll be able to have some basic conversations in Korean, but i'm not holding my breath.
Cheers from Korea.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's been one week since I arrived in Korea. I haven't gotten a foreigner registration card yet, so i'm unable to get internet access in my room or a cell phone. The biggest thing on my mind lately are the discrepancies between my actual job and the contract that I signed..
Having been told we would be working 30 hour weeks, I was a bit surprised when the first week was easily over 40 hours of work. I can only hope this pattern subsides as the days flow by, but a part of me is worried that they just don't care.
In any case, I love being in South Korea. I went downtown to Rodeo street with my friends Matt and Rob who worked with me at the Expo in Japan in 2005. They've already been here for 8 months and seem to have quite a good understanding of everything that's going on. It's humbling not being able to speak the language, but I suppose only time will tell if I can overcome that hurdle. More updates as events warrant!