Thursday, August 23, 2007

iPods and Macbooks

I finally ordered a new Macbook Pro from I would have bought it at the Apple store in Grand Rapids Michigan, but upon requesting one I was informed by the resident "genius" that they were out of stock. Yes, an Apple store with no macbook pros, likely their most popular laptop.

In any case, I ordered it online instead and received a $50 iPod as well, which has already arrived. I've gathered the troops, found a couple schools in Korea and now I stand facing nothing but the interview process and departure. Hopefully I'll end up in Yongin with Noah and Cyndi, but I'm not really holding my breath about it. More updates as events warrant!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Preparations In Progress

I've been trying to determine a course of action with some semblance of efficacy regarding computer use in South Korea. I'm planning on selling my G5 iMac for a fist full of bills which combined with my profits from passing on my PS2 should assist me in purchasing a beautiful new Macbook Pro. Toss in my new Canon SD800 IS and I'm a veritable mobile video and photo machine. I imagine with this sort of absurdly expensive mobile technology, this trip to Korea could quite possibly be the most thoroughly documented 12 months of my life.

This is of course assuming that my recruiter, bless her little Korean heart, can find me a job. I've been reluctant to switch to a new recruiter because of how nice she seems, but if I can't find a job all of my new computer hardware will go to waste; That's simply unacceptable. Technology wants to be used, wants to explore.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Korea Blog

It's August 8, 2007 and I've decided to create an online journal of my Korea experience. One might consider this initial post more than a bit fallacious, as I still reside in Michigan and still have no job, but I'm optimistic and feel documentation of the entire process from conception to completion is in order. I've hounded several different bloggers online, tracking them down like escaped convicts using every known search site on the internet. These nascent relationships generally spawn from polite greetings and develop later into interrogations worthy of bad cop movies.
I suppose my target departure date of September 4 may be a bit overly aggressive, but I've never been contained by reason, logic or common sense before. Here's hoping somebody out there is willing to give me a job!